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Red River Valley Community Action
Greater Grand Forks
The 401(e) Home Energy Plan makes home energy improvements as easy as possible from start to finish. We provide you with quality information, a full energy assessment, and customized recommendations detailing the most cost-effective investments for your home. We also offer up to $900 in rebates and low-interest, flexible-term financing. We even help you find reliable contractors and have the work certified by a third-party inspection.

401(e) Home Energy Plan
Red River Valley Community Action

The 401(e) Home Energy Plan can transform your home! More and more families are choosing to increase their comfort and well-being with home energy improvements. These improvements can protect your family from mold, allergies and asthma. Plus, you will save money on your energy bills! With cash incentives and no-hassle financing, 401(e) makes saving energy easy and affordable.

401(e) is designed to help Grand Forks area homeowners make their homes more comfortable while achieving significant energy savings by adding insulation and air sealing, as well as replacing old, inefficient furnaces and appliances. We will help you through the process from start to finish as you make energy efficiency improvements to your most valuable asset - your home.

Homeowner benefits include:
  • Improved home comfort and performance
  • A healthier home with better indoor air quality
  • Discounted home energy assessment
  • Professional evaluation, testing, recommendations and quality assurance
  • Rebates up to $900
  • Low-interest, flexible-term financing
...and more! Check out our website to learn more about 401(e) Home Energy Plan


Program Contact: 401(e) Home Energy Plan
1013 N 5th St
Grand Forks, ND 58203

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